Kamiar Gajoum was born in 1995, he showed a passion for the theatre, drawing and all forms of the arts even at the youngest of ages. His talents, while still in their formative stages, were evident while he was a child. At the age of 9, Kamiar presented an internationally recognized oil painter with a poster painting of his work. He was overwhelmingly impressed and recognized that Kamiar had a skill level far ahead of his young age. He Immediately decided to take Kamiar under his wing, It was a decision that influenced Kamiar's work greatly. 


This advanced level of training combined with his intense dedication, took Kamiar's artwork to a whole new level. Kamiar began to experiment with various mediums and techniques and before long he was advancing quickly with his skills as an oil painter.


Kamiar continues to grow and perfect his skills in various mediums. Each year he makes extended trips internationally to study and expand his knowledge of the arts.


His subjects are inspired by the ambiance and fashion of the beautiful cities he has traveled. Kamiar creates sketches live on location, in which he is able to use for reference in regards to his paintings. 


Using only his fingers to blend all the pigments, Kamiar's pastel pieces are more spontaneous and impressionistic. 

They are vibrant and absolutely breath taking!


With a joint exhibition at a prestigious fine art gallery at the age of only 15 years and a second one at the age of 17, it is evident by the reaction of collectors that he has trained well and studied hard. Today, Kamiar's paintings are being shown in numerous galleries in Canada and the US and are housed in many personal international collections. Kamiar continues to paint daily as he hones his skills and perfects his craft as a professional oil and pastel painter. At such a young age, the future is bright and promising for this contemporary Canadian artist.